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Off-key Industries is a UK based record label that has been run haphazardly by Matt O'Brien since around 2005. We occasionally release techno, house and that sort of thing. Our last release was way back in 2011, before the world went crazy but now we're ready to give it another go...

Our records are distributed worldwide by those sexy Glaswegians at Rubadub.

You can also buy records and mp3s from our Bandcamp store.

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Matt O'Brien - Heal And Come Again EP

Catalogue: OK007

Release date: September 2017

After a break of six years Matt returns to his Off-key Industries imprint with a varied blend of trippy warehouse belters, sun drenched techno spine tinglers and slow motion acid. Already receiving support from the likes of Marcel Dettman, Santiago Salazar, Perc, Truss and others. It’s also been downloaded for Richie Hawtin & Marco Carola, whatever that means.

Matt O'Brien - Bloom/Without Warning

Catalogue: OK006

Release date: September 2011

First track 'Bloom' whispers sweet nothings in your ear whilst shimmering synths caress your neck and skipping percussion dances around your nether regions. Unable to resist, you let yourself go and 'Without Warning' clubs you over the head, drags you into a dark side rave and has it's filthy way with you underneath a solitary strobe light.

Various Artists - The Dust Off Volume III EP

Catalogue: OKLTD004

Release date: August 2010

First up is 'Sepia', a collaboration between Matt O'Brien and Audiostatic, who deliver a timeless low slung, head nodding, 120 bpm dubbed out house monster. Minor Planets kick off the B side with the skeletal electro of 'Constructor' - heavy sub bass underpins a clanking beat while muted reverberated melodies bubble up to the surface. Rounding off this EP is '3dub' by Kimble, a blissed out piece of ethereal lo-fi electronica. 

Matt O'Brien - Remixes from the Periphery EP

Catalogue: OK005

Release date: April 2010

For the latest Off-key outing, we turned to some of our favourite producers to to remix our previous release, 'From The Periphery'. Shatrax, x.trak (AKA Todd Sines), KiNK and The Subliminal Kid (AKA Peder Mannerfelt) take the originals and twist them into their own inimitable style.

Matt O'Brien - From the Periphery EP

Catalogue: OK004

Release date: November 2009

'The Gauntlet' throws down fuzzily tweaked and flanged raw beats, married to dizzying, tremulous synths, dark side stabs and general dance floor frenzy. 'Dodaso' flips the script, sounding like a million orthogonal genres colliding and combining in deep dub sub space, underpinning the delicate melody while splurges of colour obliterate your senses. Rounding off the EP, Blackwood Freestyle' at first sounds deceptively simple, hiding its dark secrets like an insane clockwork puzzle, unfolding like Hell Raiser's lament configuration with each listen revealing unimaginable contortions that pull you further into the groove.

The Subliminal Kid - To The South

Catalogue: OKLTD003

Release date: September 2011

The Third Limited Release On Off-key Industries features The Subliminal Kid (AKA Peder Mannerfelt), who takes us back to the darkside of the rave. On the flip, label head honcho Matt O'Brien's house re-interpretation twists time and space by melding a lulling groove with devastating offbeat rave stabs that spit and judder to a screaming crescendo.

Kimble - The Dust Off Volume II EP

Catalogue: OKLTD002

Release date: March 2008

Kicking things off is the beatless sketch of 'Lycius'; spiky alien synths flicker and pierce through detached ethereal pads moving in the surrounding weightless space. Next up is the EP's lynchpin track, 'State Of Shock'; proper techno that will immerse you with subtle dub inflected melodies swirling in your womb bubble while the slamming rhythm track provides the heartbeat. Over on the flip we chill things out with the haunting strings and aquatic bassline of 'Amb', while the EP is completed with a stunning remix of 'State Of Shock' by Minor Planets, who layer on a towering bassline and transform the original into a laid back dub workout.

Various Artists - The Dust Off Volume I EP

Catalogue: OKLTD001

Release date: October 2007

'A New Page Turns' is a 120 bpm dubby house cut driven by a low slung rhythm and analog stabs dripping in reverb, overlayed with a melodica riff which calls to mind the smokey refrains of Augustus Pablo. 'The Whole Your In' continues the vibe with beatless electronica whose understated melodies conjure up thoughts of late summer evenings of times gone by. On the flip, Kimble to bring you 'Epiphany', led by a shimmering melody underpinned with haunting strings which combine to form an electro track of rare beauty. This diverse EP is completed with Minor Planets second contribution, 'Shines Down On You', a drum n bass track with a disjointed, skeletal rhythm, sub bass drops and fragile, melancholy melody.

Matt O'Brien - A Different Light EP

Catalogue: OK003

Release date: August 2007

'On The Brink' kicks off roceedings, fusing chicago influenced beats and minimal aesthetics with a disorientating, constantly rising, synth siren. Designed to be dropped in the small hours when people are at their most vulnerable, this track should elicit that “mouth open, eyes rolling” look that we all know and love. On the flip, 'No Reason' swerves off into a sombre but uplifting mood with a constant organ drone and delicate synth tenticles that reach out and massage your cranium. The E.P. is rounded off with 'Elixir', whose lush Detroit inspired strings and low slung tempo contrast nicely with the incongruous heavy kick drum and rough bassline.

Matt O'Brien - The Attic Trax EP

Catalogue: OK002

Release date: February 2006

'End of the beginning' is an epic track that instantly recalls memories of lost weekends and sweaty abandon. Driven by a deep metallic riff, flutters of percussion and melancholic synths, this is worth the price of admission alone. 'Serotone' slows down the tempo and draws the listener in with an upbeat rubber bassline before offsetting it with a sinister refrain and searing rave stabs. A truly unhinged house track that doesn't know what it wants to be and which is all the better for it. 'Succubus' rounds off the EP with a raw cut of skeletel techno funk. Driven by a rolling bassline and overlaid with an insistent, evolving riff, it's designed to wind it's way into your skull and drill down your to your legs. Perfect for that 4:00 am warehouse moment.

Matt O'Brien - The Portimao EP

Catalogue: OK001

Release date: August 2005

'Hidden High' kicks off the EP with pulses of emotion beamed from another dimension while beats writhe and fidget underneath. 'Loptech' takes the chicago jack trax template and strips everything out until all thats left is syncopated bleeps and a vortex of elastic bass. On the flip, 'Invader' jacks up the floor even further with an explosive prime time mover designed to twist your brain out of shape. The EP ends with 'Headpeel', a slice of spiralling weirdness taking techno right back into the heart of the rave where it always belonged.

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